Neighbors upset about height of new home under construction

Neighbors upset about height of new home under construction

Flooding is a chronic problem in some areas of Southwest Louisiana.   And stricter, higher building requirements keep coming. They require those building homes to elevate least one foot higher than what's called the base flood elevation.

So, a house at the corner of Dewberry Lane and Village Court is to be built on top of dirt brought in, that will make it several feet higher than other homes.

Neighbor Barbara Vangossen is concerned whether runoff from the new house may cause flooding for her.

"Is this going to cause a major runoff that is going to come onto my property and cause me to hold more water," she said.

Vangossen says she and her family moved here in 1995. The area is south of Lake Charles is between Gauthier and Tank Farm roads.

"I'm not in a flood zone, I have never flooded, I hope it stays that way," she said.

Calcasieu planning director Wes Crain says how high someone must build depends on how low the area is. There are maps that indicate which areas flood and how much above sea level areas are.

"That's roughly about 3 1/2 plus feet that they have to build that their finished floor of their building has to be at," he said of the home

Crain says they don't have authority to tell people how high they can go. but he adds:

"We are concerned about the people surrounding that so, the contractor is required to make sure that they're affecting, negatively affecting the drainage to the neighbor's tract of land," he said.

Crain says, if residents ask, they can send an inspector to verify parish rules are being followed.

We reached out to the people building the house but were not able to get them for an interview.

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