Local parents decide to 'pray it forward'

Local parents decide to 'pray it forward'
Parents of Barbe High students gathered to "Pray it Forward" Sunday night. (Source: Chandler Watkins / KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Before classes began this week, one local group of parents put politics aside and focused on the power of prayer.

Several parents gathered outside of Barbe High School Sunday night and prayed over the school.

Jennifer Wright, the parent who organized the event through Facebook, said she didn't expect the type of response she got. She says she received multiple messages over social media and her idea was spread through other platforms and groups. Over a dozen parents showed up.

Wright also says she hopes that it doesn't stop with this one event.

"I want this to grow, I was this to be something," said Wright. "I want it to be community-wide because we aren't the only parents. The fifteen people here, we aren't the only parents that send our kids out every day."

Wright says Sunday night's plans were last minute, but she encourages other parents at other schools across the parish to "pray it forward."

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