Sports Person of the Week - Terry Gage

Sports Person of the Week - Terry Gage

"This year has been a phenomenal year," Terry Gage said. "The boys have worked hard, the parents have worked hard. The schools been supportive and the community has been supportive. We came home with the state championship, the first one for Calcasieu Parish, that was pretty amazing."

The Saint Louis Saints wrestling team made history this past weekend when they won the Division III state championship title. But behind every state championship team is an even better coach. Head Coach Terry Gage started this program only 8 years and now has a state championship under his belt. But, just like anything else - it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to that point.

"Everybody told us, my freshman and sophomore year that we were never going to have a chance. Then our junior year they were like wait these guys are pretty good, they may have a chance," Robert Christman said. "Then this year we came back and we're way too good. Overall this year we were way too silly with it."

"When you go head to head with schools that have been 4 or 5 generations and you beat them, words cannot describe that," Gage added. "You can't give everyone enough hugs."

And hugs are something given daily at St. Louis High School. Positive reinforcement is a big part of Gage's coaching style, which is why he is looked at as not only a coach, but a father figure to the guys.

"Coach is one of my best friends, probably one of the nicest guys I know," Alex Yokubaitis said. "He's extremely supportive."

"I want to make sure they feel the love every day at practice. They come up here and sweat for two or three hours every day," Gage stated. "Sometimes it gets old or boring, but you have make them realize that they are doing something special and when you win a state championship, that makes it even more special."

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