State Police: 'See something, say something' using mobile app

State Police: 'See something, say something' using mobile app
(Source: See it, Send it app)

Copycat threats to schools have been reported to law enforcement agencies across the country, state, and in Southwest Louisiana.

Multiple suspects have been arrested, many charged with terrorizing which carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison and/or a maximum fine of $15,000 if charged as an adult. However, according to Louisiana State Police, the majority of the threats received are found to have no credible danger to public safety.

"Although we highly encourage citizens to report suspicious activity, we want to remind them that the increased sharing of unsubstantiated threats through social media stresses the resources available to respond to and investigate these claims," states an LSP release.

State Police asks if you get information about a threat, to please carefully assess the information.

"For example, if the threat were time sensitive and viewed as an imminent danger, you should immediately call 911. If there is suspicious activity that may warrant further investigation or something that does not seem right, report this information to local law enforcement."

Never share a threat on social media. LSP reports the sharing of unsubstantiated threats online adds chaos and panic.

"All citizens play a critical role in protecting Louisiana and safeguarding our communities, and we want to remind citizens that if they see something, send something."

The See Send app by My Mobile Witness can be used to report suspicious or criminal activity. It allows information to be reported to law enforcement by smartphone.

The app is free for Apple and Android users and offers the ability to write or take a photo of anything suspicious. Please use this reporting app responsibly.

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