Oakdale Middle student suspended after threatening school

Oakdale Middle student suspended after threatening school
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OAKDALE, LA (KPLC) - An Oakdale Middle School student has been suspended after a threat of harming other students.

The juvenile made a threat to another student, saying that someone was going to "come and kill a lot of people at school," according to Oakdale Police Chief Joseph Lockett, Sr.

Superintendent Mike Doucet says the student shared a Snapchat threatening the school with other classmates. Doucet says an investigation revealed the threat wasn't credible and was actually created by the student.

The student was suspended, pending an expulsion hearing Monday, February 26.

Chief Lockett is asking parents to talk to their children about the seriousness of making threats.

"We believe that bullying is a major problem at all schools and leads to children feeling like an outcast, but parents should talk to their children and let them know that its okay to report problems like that, but not okay to make any kind of threats towards other children or staff," said Chief Lockett.

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