MSU students protest the President on Presidents Day

MSU students protest the President on Presidents Day

It's quiet in the quad and most students are in class, but not the Progressives of McNeese State University.

Geared up with signs, music, and of course, coffee, they're sitting down to stand up for what they believe in.

"We just want to, not necessarily provoke, but encourage students to just think about politics and speak about them especially since it is Presidents' Day," said Senior Liberal Studies major and President of the group, Miyah January.

Hoping to make some waves on Presidents Day, January says it's not your average protest.

"Our group is against Trump, but we also want other students to come out who may not have the same opinion and for us to sit and discuss and talk and just have a political conversation," said January.

January says it's about political awareness and wanting to inspire their peers to get involved.

"We just want students to talk," said January. "Maybe, 'Hey, I was walking to class and I saw those people sitting down. What were they doing?' Encourage students to just get involved and informed."

Inspiring students like Sophomore Mass Communications major, Larissa Torres, who became an officer of the group last year.

"I really do hope that it opens up a discussion because I think it's really important for our generation, especially, to start talking about politics and start really examining what it is that we believe and maybe not what our parents tell us to have as far as an opinion of politics and I think that's really important and that's what it is, just start a discussion," said Torres.

The group did grab some attention in the middle of the quad. A few people even stopping to talk.

7News reached out to the College Republicans of McNeese for their response to the protest and were referred to this statement:

"Free speech and sharing opposing views are encouraged on college campuses because it allows students to use critical thinking skills to make decisions. McNeese has a public forum policy and students may freely communicate their ideas through formal and informal gatherings on the campus at any time in a manner that does not interfere with the University's capacity to administer its core functions."

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