Captain Daniel Johannes Goos statue unveiled in Lake Charles

Captain Daniel Johannes Goos statue unveiled in Lake Charles
(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's been more than five years in the making, but Saturday Captain Daniel Johannes Goos now stands over the lakefront in Lake Charles.

Crowds of people gathered by the Lakefront Promenade this morning all waiting to see the the statue of Captain Daniel Johannes Goos.

"When you mention Captain Daniel Goos you may get he sounds familiar or if you're lucky you get oh like Goosport," said descendant Erik Jessen. "This is why we wanted to do something."

So the idea to create a statue to remember his legacy, and the history he left on the city of Lake Charles was born.

"I tried to give him a spirit of courageousness and boldness," said sculptor Janie Stine LaCroix.

As LaCroix spoke about how she designed this statue, it was clear that it was time to see just what she had done.

So with help from the younger generation of Goos's they revealed what everyone came to see.

"It's the dream that we've been working up towards, and we actually see it come true and it's a beautiful statue," said Jessen.

Charles Woodard is the president of the Goosport Graveyard Endowment Incorporation, and is glad to see years of work finally come to light.

"It's really exciting," said Woodard. "This has been a project for several years. We wanted to honor our ancestor for all that he did for our community and Southwest Louisiana."

And as family members take in the statue they know Captain Goos legacy now has another place in Lake Charles to call home.

"I see a sense of pride, a sense of adventure," said Jessen. "That sense of exploration. "It kind of inspires in yourself that same sense of adventure."

Woodward said over 100 descendants of Captain Goos were in attendance for Saturday's ceremony.

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