Crawfish rush as Lent begins

Crawfish rush as Lent begins
(Source: KPLC)

Every crawfish vendor in the area is scrambling to handle the crowds today as thousands of families get into the Lenten season the SWLA way.

Around 2 in the afternoon is a usually less busy time. Steamboat Bill's ran out of these little red guys. But don't worry they have more.

"It is our tradition crawfish season does start to get big around Lent around the first Friday of Lent but right now it's been a little different for us because the weather has been so sporadic so it's affected the amount of crawfish we can actually get"

Even with the weather impacting the start of the season marketing manager Paige Vidrine still says their sales are huge. So big it's tough to put a number on it. "I mean we couldn't guess right but I'd say over a thousand pounds it can get really crazy "

Maybe if we break it down. You can do the math.

On second thought don't worry about the numbers just dig in. Vidrine says purging improves the taste and quality of these little mudbugs.

Perfect for the next few weeks of meatless Fridays. You can find a full list of restaurants and prices HERE.

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