Daniel Kight claims insanity defense in brutal killing of former brother-in-law

Daniel Kight claims insanity defense in brutal killing of former brother-in-law
Daniel Kight. (Source: Vinton Police Department)

The murder trial of Daniel Kight--who committed a gruesome killing in Vinton in 2014 is recessed until next week.

Kight has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

The stabbing death of David Scasino in 2014 was especially brutal in a town that had not had a homicide for an estimated 30 years.

prosecutors say Scasino was stabbed at least fifty times and the body was mutilated.

"His throat was also slit, he was cut open from his chin and then part of his private parts were cut off so it was a very, very, very gruesome and personal crime, which is something that is commonplace with an individual of this nature, and has the violent propensities that this man has."

Scasino and Daniel Kight had apparently been feuding for years.

Whether Kight will be convicted of second-degree murder will likely boil down to whether the judge believes he knew right from wrong at the time of the offense.

"Do we feel that he was insane at the time of the commission of this crime?  I don't feel that he was.  I just feel that he was very mean by nature."

A psychologist for the defense testified Kight thought he was defending a little girl from Scasino and that he had to cut Scasino to let ninjas out.

He believes Kight was delusional due to substance abuse.

Fox says there was no little girl in the trailer.

"The police department responded, searched the residence, there was no one in there other than the eventual victim." A psychiatrist called by the state believes Kight is faking mental problems and could distinguish right from wrong according to testimony from Kight's mother, he suffered a head injury in a car accident as a child and was--in her words--totally different after the accident.

Judge Robert Wyatt will decide the case

The trial will pick up again Tuesday instead of Monday which is President's Day; and court is closed.

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