School safety in SWLA

School safety in SWLA
(Source: KPLC)

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Following the school shooting in Florida, many people are still asking why this happens.

After every tragedy like this, people often question if their schools are fully prepared for a situation like this.

Parents around the nation are wanting to make sure their kids are safe when they drop them off at school.

Superintendent of the Calcasieu Parish School Board, Karl Bruchhaus, believes his schools are well equipped.

"We in Calcasieu have done active shooter drills. Periodically, we'll work with law enforcement, either on a Saturday morning, we'll invite people who work for us, and community members that come in and want to observe, and we'll do an active shooter drill. The principal will be involved, they'll be in the office, and kind of go through the whole scenario of what it might be like if it were to happen," said Bruchhaus.

He says the schools also have armed officers on campus during school, as well as counselors available for anyone that needs them.

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