Love in Louisiana: Betty and Wilton Augustine

Love in Louisiana: Betty and Wilton Augustine

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Wilton and Betty Augustine have married for 73 years, but have been together for 76!

When asked how they've been together for so long, their answer is simple: happiness and hard work.

Wilton rode a horse out to Betty's house every Sunday, even if it was just to hold hands.

"Nothing has changed," said Wilton. "We still hold hands all the time."

Wilton and Betty got married on Nov. 8, 1945.

"There was no reception, or anything," said Betty. "We just got married and left. Wasn't very romantic."

It's obvious the couple has always loved each other, but that's not their only secret for staying together for so long.

"I don't think we ever went to bed angry at each other, our children never heard us argue. We might pout, but that's it," said Wilton.

"We might get mad for a little bit, but then we get over it! And I mean, if you stop and think about it, all the wasted time, if you're mad, it's wasted time! So get over it," said Betty.

Hard work is another key to success for the pair.

"When he'd make a step, I'd make one when we had our stores so we went together to work in the morning and we came home at night together," said Betty.

Even after 76 years together, they still inspire each other every day.

"She raised a fine family. Her gumbo was one of my favorites, and it still is! We go to some restaurants here to get gumbo, but it's not as good as hers," said Wilton.

"Well, he's very patient, he doesn't fly off the handle for nothing," explained Betty. "Easy going. Easy going, but honest, faithful, and true."

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