La. Traveler - The Arbored Hidesman

La. Traveler - The Arbored Hidesman

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - Finding art in an old piece of wood or leather is the passion of a Moss Bluff man who calls himself "The Arbored Hidesman."

Caleb Comeaux found himself combing the beach one day when he came across some driftwood. He took some home and began working with it and a new hobby was born out of nature.

"I have a respect for it. I see the growth and the life. I studied biology in school. That's why I went for it. I respect what nature is, it's beauty and everything in it. Much of my work is focused on nature."

Sometimes, Comeaux has to order in wood that isn't native to Southwest Louisiana.

"This is called a kuksa. In certain parts of the world, people as they grow into adulthood, they carve their own kuksa to last a lifetime. This is actually my own design here."

But he doesn't just work with wood. Comeaux is also interested in leatherwood, making things like backpacks, wristbands and a leather hip pouch.

"It's based off of Star Wars mandalorean design. It has a couple of swivel pouches on the side for your various things. The first time I've ever used a zipper. It unzips for much storage in there. This opens up via swivel here and also a snap on this side. You open it up and have additional storage in there."

He spends hours on each pieces, giving away many to friends. The others he sells on line.

"I see beauty in it. This is unique amongst all pieces in the world. It's its own entity. It deserves to be showcased for what it is, a symbol of nature and growth.

Comeaux plans to display his works of art at The McFarland's St. Patrick's Day celebration next month."

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