The meaning behind the season of Mardi Gras

The meaning behind the season of Mardi Gras

By Brandon Maxile, Associate Producer/Editor (KPLC)

Mardi Gras season is upon us. But don't be fooled by the smooth jazz and lavish costumes, there is a deeper, more spiritual meaning behind the festivities.

"Baseball has their season of spring training, where it's a more intense preparation to play well and compete well," said Father Nathan Long, of the McNeese Cowboys Catholic Student Center. "The church also has this spring training, too, around the same time. Not for physical strength, but for spiritual strengthening."

Lent is centered around fasting, which is the absence of some or all foods. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, members of the Catholic Church fast for 40 days in honor of Jesus' walk through the desert, where he was tempted by sin only to return to Galilee strengthened by his faith.

But the Catholic Church isn't the only denomination that celebrates the resurrection. Other churches like Living Word Christian Center have adopted their own traditions while celebrating Lent.

"Our church goes through a 28-day fasting and praying where we abstain from food, partaking only in liquids for those 28 days from sunup to sundown or from six o'clock in the morning to six o'clock in the evening," said Pastor Joseph Banks of the Living Word Christian Center. "This is the time where we dedicated our time to prayer and studying the word of God and listening to the voice of God."

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