CONSIDER THIS: Pet Ownership

CONSIDER THIS: Pet Ownership

If you saw KPLC's Puppy Cam last week you met this little lady. Beth was found abandoned in the woods.

I know of 6 other puppies found in a black trash bag in the middle of the road at night. Fortunately for them a motorist spotted them in time and rescued them. But they still need permanent homes. You also may have seen the story about the cats and dogs found in trash bags dumped near Lafayette. I just cannot understand why someone would do this.

Now I'll admit that I'm not personally a big pet person, yes I know, that's probably a character flaw on my part. But that's why I don't have any pets. If you ARE going to have pets, you have the obligation take on the responsibility for them.

I ask you to consider this, please spay or neuter your pets so we don't have unwanted animals. If you do end up having a litter that you just can't keep and care for, please do something humane with them. Give them at least a chance at life. Contact a shelter, a humane society, or a rescue group. Don't throw them away like trash.

And if you happen to have a little extra room at your house and in your heart, there are plenty of animals like this little lady who need you.

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