Newk's Eatery closes in Lake Charles

Newk's Eatery closes in Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - After being in business nearly two years, Newk's Eatery in Lake Charles is officially closed.

The restaurant made the announcement this past Saturday, Feb. 10.

Manager Matthew Koetter said it was, for the most part, a financial decision.

"There were some conceptual challenges with getting the product at a better price for us to make money but to still be affordable," Koetter said. "In addition, it's hard to get people to come here and stay here when Lake Charles is known for having people that are very loyal to their own favorite restaurants."

Koetter said it was also hard to find and keep employees.

"We had a good group of people here but finding those fringe people is hard to do and that can make or break you," Koetter said. "The plants and casinos suck everybody up so it's hard to get great employees to come work for you."

Koetter said even the economic boom isn't enough to help new restaurants thrive.

"People are not out there spending money on new restaurants and new businesses in general," Koetter said. " People are accustomed to what they know and what they've always done. You've seen other restaurants struggle here, I mean look at  McAlister's."

Still no word yet on what will replace Newk's.

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