CONSIDER THIS: Olympic Life Lessons

CONSIDER THIS: Olympic Life Lessons

The winter Olympics are here, and for the next two weeks much of the world will be watching together.

We may find ourselves obsessed with a sport that we barely knew about before, as we were when Apollo Ono showed us how exciting short-track speed skating could be, or when we all decided that Curling is a really weird sport but fun to watch.

I think there are a number of life lessons we can take from the Olympics. Like the fact that not everybody gets a medal. Even top athletes performing at the peak of their game won't get a medal if they aren't the best on that day.

Or that success takes more than ability, it takes hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance. It's also a time when the world comes together, at least a little bit. I've made no secret of the fact that I am a proud American. I always want our athletes and teams to bring home the Gold, Bronze, and Silver for the Red, White, and Blue.

But when Jamaica's Usain Bolt runs track in the summer, or Canada's Justine Dufour-Lapointe rips through the moguls on skis in the winter games, it's easy enough to enjoy their skills and appreciate their performance no matter where they come from.

It should be a great couple of weeks, I hope you'll enjoy the Olympics along with all of us at KPLC.

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