A warning about sharing explicit videos

A warning about sharing explicit videos

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A disturbing video of a man sexually assaulting a child has been circulating on social media since last week.
As of Tuesday morning,
 The man allegedly in the video, Germaine Moore, 44,  turned himself in Tuesday morning to authorities in Alabama.
   Moore is charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct, including distributing the video.
  However, leading up to his arrest the video was shared on social media across the country with hopes of finding who was responsible.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso wants to inform the public, even with good intentions, sharing that video and others like it is illegal.

"The reproduction, production or transmission of child pornography is illegal," Mancuso said. "Even though the intention was to catch the bad guy, they're still breaking the law."

Mancuso said in this digital age, many want to speed up the process to catch the bad guys, but in this case, it made matters worse.
"Any child predator who has a facebook account, now they can distribute it," Mancuso said. "Instead of maybe a couple hundred people having this video, now a couple hundred thousand have this video."
Mancuso said if something like this happens again to call law enforcement immediately.

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