Love in Louisiana: The Robinsons

Love in Louisiana: The Robinsons
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - What if the keys to a successful marriage were faith, laughter, and red-and-white pants? Those are the keys for the Robinsons.

Forty-five years ago, Ruby Robinson applied for a job and met Mike Robinson.

"Ruby came in for an interview, and I was the assistant manager, so I told my cousin, which was the manager, I said we're hiring her. She had red and white checkered pants on," said Mike.

Those red-and-white checkered pants stole Mike Robinson's heart. The pair got married 6 months later, but didn't take any pictures.

"That may just be God that there were no pictures taken that day. When we got married, I was in a red-and-white maybe checkered, maybe polka dot, dress that had two really big white pockets on the front, and there are no pictures to prove that," said Ruby.

So, besides a clothing pattern, what else makes a marriage last 45 years?

"Always have Christ as the center of your marriage. Always think about this, how do you love? That's how you're going to be loved. That's Christ-centered in us, is the way we love each other, and our children and how others love us," said Mike.

"Fun, it's just laughter. The Bible says that laughter is like medicine, it's good for the soul," said Ruby. "And it's so true, we could just crack each other up over something that nobody else would find funny! But it is laughter, it's the lighter side."

Those keys to a successful marriage are a proven success for the Robinsons.

"I love Mike Robinson's heart. That's a heart that was given straight by God. And he is the most generous man that I know, I tell him all the time when I lay down at night, the first thing that I thank God for is for him. And he's a blessing to all, he is the rock of our family," said Ruby.

"She's always happy, never gets upset. Never gets mad about anything. Just always happy," said Mike.

The Robinsons also say that being selfless is another key to a successful marriage and a successful life.

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