Good Samaritans help rescue Sulphur man from fire

Good Samaritans help rescue Sulphur man from fire

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Would you risk your life for a perfect stranger without knowing the outcome?

It was that split-second decision, made by two heroes, which made all the difference for one Sulphur family.

Christina Bailey and her family are beginning to pick through the ash and rubble where her father's mobile home once stood.

Just last week, she was coming home from work when she got a call from her youngest daughter.

"Mama, we're following the firetruck and it's going down to Mama's house," said Bailey. "So, we're calling and trying to find out what's going on down here, and then my husband gets a message saying that it's my Daddy's house, so I just lost it from there, jumped in the car, headed straight over here."

When she arrived, the fire was put out, and her father, Jessie Duhon, in an ambulance headed for the hospital.

"It was just very hysterical, very emotional," said Bailey. "I couldn't think."

There wasn't much time to think, especially for the responding officers.

"I happened to be just leaving the police department, and we got a call about a fire on Avilia Street," said Officer T.R. Trabler. "It was a structure fire, so we were thinking something was fully engulfed, so I start heading there lights and sirens, and as we're heading there dispatch advised us that there was a person possibly trapped inside."

"Whenever we actually got there is when people were screaming and telling us there's people inside and we didn't really think we just ran to it," said Officer Justin Duplechain.

Officer Trabler and Officer Duplechain ran toward the home and found two men already trying to get Duhon out of the structure.

Georardo Hernandez and Jesus Trejo were at a party the next street over when they heard about the fire.

"We didn't think about it at that time, we just jumped and ran," said Hernandez.

"There was fire everywhere," said Trejo. "Smoke, we couldn't see anybody but we could hear somebody say help. It was hard to see and it happened very fast."

"Twenty minutes and the mobile home was completely a disaster you couldn't find anything," said Hernandez.

The two unlikely heroes were able to get Duhon out with help from the two officers.

"Without them and the whole team aspect, I really don't want to think about how it would've ended, but definitely without them, it would've been a lot more difficult and the outcome probably would've been different," said Duplechain.

Because of this selfless act and spontaneous teamwork, Bailey gets to see her father again.

"It is the most amazing feeling you could ever feel," said Bailey. "There's no words and thank you and gratitude to give to someone like that because they didn't have to. They're not police officers, they're not ambulance workers, they're not firefighters. Matter-of-fact, they probably didn't even know my dad and they took it upon themselves to jump into a fire and save someone's life. It's just tremendously amazing."

Duhon is currently still intubated in the hospital. His family says it will be a long road towards recovery.

They're holding a benefit yard sale on Feb. 17 to help him rebuild his life.

Drawing for the raffle will be March 17. Tickets are $2 a ticket and $20 a book.

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