CONSIDER THIS: People are good

CONSIDER THIS: People are good

(KPLC) - One of the great privileges of working at a television station is getting to meet so many people. I'm honored to be able to meet and know some amazing entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, and government officials. But I also get to meet and know people who don't have a station in life that high.

This week a frail older lady walked into a local restaurant where I was eating. She wanted to know if I could give her some money so she could go next door and get something to eat. I never know if that's just a ruse to get money to support a habit, but I was able to tell her the truth - that I didn't have any cash on me and was going to pay for my meal with a bank card. She replied that they took cards next door.

Wow, she was actually hungry. I offered her some of my food which was untouched. She thanked me and took it initially, but then said she didn't think she could eat it with her bad teeth. As our server came over I thought they were probably going to ask her to leave, but instead they asked her if she was hungry and then got her something to eat and drink.  It's moments like that which help restore my belief that essentially people are good.

Then I compare that warm feeling to the feeling I get on social media. People think I'm the devil and an idiot for my political beliefs and other friends think the other side is evil and idiotic. But I still think people are basically good, we're just a little mean on social media. So I ask you to consider this: go ahead and argue passionately for what you believe, but try to be a little nicer. And maybe try to see the goodness in people.

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