Mapping AEDs in Calcasieu Parish

Mapping AEDs in Calcasieu Parish

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - A Moss Bluff teenager is raising awareness about a proven life-saving device. Dylan Burleigh wanted to make a difference when he chose his project to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.  After talking with Paramedic/EMT Billy Vincent about the need for AEDs in buildings like gymnasiums, auditoriums and churches, he got to work.  

"The AED makes the largest difference combined with early and effective CPR in the survivability of the individual that suffers cardiac arrest," said Billy Vincent, Quality Improvement Coordinator with Acadian Ambulance. "If we can get hands on the chest and early difibrillation, they have the largest chance of surviving that event, neurologically intact leaving the hospital." 

So over the next few weeks, Dylan is asking local residents to download the free Pulsepoint app to help log location of AED devices.

"I believe that this will help the southwest Louisiana area in case somebody goes into cardiac arrest," said Dylan Burleigh, a Life Scout with Troop 21. "If something does happen and go into cardiac arrest, they have the app and can find one nearby, they may be able to save that person's life. Or they might get it to safe someone else's life." 

In the app, Dylan wants to log from 30 to 50 AED locations in Moss Bluff, Lake Charles and Westlake. There are two located at First Baptist Church of Moss Bluff. 
"With services and a growing church, we want to make sure our people are safe," said J.J. Cox, Executive Pastor at First Baptist Moss Bluff. "We have a 'SAFE' team that runs around here on Wednesdays and Sundays. They're trained in how to use an AED and are able to use them whenever they are needed." 

At a cost of $500 to $1500, many agencies are finding it very affordable to install AEDs. Vincent says if there were more AEDs in public buildings across the Lake Area, the rate of survival from heart attacks will increase tremendously.

To help Dylan map AEDs in the area, email him at

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