Father, brother of Trent Perkins discuss his disappearance

Father, brother of Trent Perkins discuss his disappearance

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - It's been thirteen years since anyone has seen Trent Perkins and-- as heartbreaking as it is for them-- his family members believe he is dead.

It was an emotional roller coaster last week as Perkins' family realized cadaver dogs were searching a field to see if they could detect his remains.

Allen Perkins remembers, thirteen years ago when he last saw his 22-year-old son Trent.  It's been rough.

"I haven't had a good day since he's been gone.  It stayed on my mind all the time," he said.

The trauma and sorrow intensified last week when the family learned that, acting on tips, deputies were sending cadaver dogs to a field in Starks to search for possible human remains.

Allen Perkins is convinced his son is dead after all these years.

"I was hoping they'd found something but then I didn't know if I could stand it if I seen it.  I had to be there just in case.  I'd been looking for him for so long," he said.

The dogs did not alert on any area there-- so the search has been suspended for now.

Chad Parker is Trent's brother.

"It's been very hard.  It's one thing to lose a family member, and then put them to rest.  But when you don't have that option, and you still have anticipated hope, it's a whole lot rougher than it is to just go ahead and lay them to rest," he said.

"Someone, somewhere around this town knows what happened to my son.  I know they do," said Allen Perkins.

He hopes they will re-interview some of the last people who saw Trent Perkins.

"Solve that case within 40 minutes, look to me if they tried to," said Allen Perkins.

Still, both Parker and Trent Perkins' father plead for anyone who knows something to come forward.

" Just come forward if they have any tip that could be verified anything that could be credible,   to come forward to the authorities or to our family. Help us out," said Parker.

"If anybody knows what happened, please tell me.  Let me know something so I can get some closure and close this out so I can lay my boy to rest," said Perkins.

The sheriff's department has said they need new leads or evidence to resume the search.

Anyone with information about what happened to Trent Perkins should contact the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.  Call CPSO Detective William Wilcox at 491-7929

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