Sports Person of the Week - Halyn Senegal

Sports Person of the Week - Halyn Senegal
(Source: KPLC)

"I really like running a lot," Halyn Senegal said.

As she should. Sam Houston Freshman, Halyn Senegal has breezed past her competitors since competing at the high school stage. Senegal is ranked 6th among freshman in the country in the in the 400 meters and is ranked number two among all athletes in Louisiana.

"She's young and she's really impressive," Jason Flanagan said. "I was a little bit nervous for her because I didn't know how she was going to handle the competition against the older girls, but she did fine."

"She's a very intense competitor and a very hard worker," Alex Rasmussen said.

In her first ever high school track meet, Senegal placed first in the 400 meters at McNeese and then placed second at the LSU qualifier the following weekend.

"She seems to be doing very well competing against sophomores, juniors and seniors," Alex Rasmussen added.

"I was very excited," Senegal said.

Thanks to her unique running style, Senegal has earned the nickname, "the Unicorn." Although 'the natural,' may be more fitting.

"I think it was this year when she came out for indoor track that we realized how much potential she actually had. She can run for a freshman," Jason Flanagan stated.

"I just like going fast for a long time," Senegal added.

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