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LSU players at Senior Bowl explain why former Tigers succeed in NFL

Greg Gilmore (Source: WAFB) Greg Gilmore (Source: WAFB)
Christian LaCouture (Source: WAFB) Christian LaCouture (Source: WAFB)
Darrel Williams (Source: WAFB) Darrel Williams (Source: WAFB)
DJ Chark (Source: WAFB) DJ Chark (Source: WAFB)

It was just last year that LSU had three first round NFL draft picks and while it's most likely NOT going to happen this year, the Tigers still had 42 active players on rosters in 2017, which led all schools and begs the question: Why exactly is that?

"First of all, you have to thank Tommy Moffitt for developing guys as they come in," said defensive lineman Greg Gilmore. "Second of all, it's the coaching staff. No matter what coaching staff you have at LSU, the name carries itself. There's a high standard at LSU."

"Well, I think we've been brought through LSU, physicality, the way we practice, the things we've learned from the best coaches in the country," added defensive lineman Christian LaCouture. "It's something, for me, that when we go through that whole process, we're ready for the NFL. We've gone through that, we play the best teams in the country. We know what to expect. We have the techniques and we're very athletic guys, so we know how to sustain and be healthy in the NFL and play as long as we can."

Do guys from the school take pride in that? You're coming into a week like this, where every guy is the best at their school and going to LSU, you know that 'Hey, we've put out some talent, too.'

"Yeah, I agree. For us, when we come here, we expect to be great. Because we come from a school, we come from LSU, with all the guys we have in the league, we have to hold up to that - that dominance. And we've got to make sure that when we go out here, we know our techniques and we've got to sustain them. There's a reason why we're here. So for us, we've got to take that pride and make sure that we were selected here for a reason. And all these players that have been here before us, have been in the NFL and done great jobs, and we've got to do the same thing," LaCouture replied.

After practice on Wednesday, LaCouture was asked to compare the practices at the Senior Bowl to the ones under head coach Ed Orgeron back in Baton Rouge. He said they're pretty much the exact same thing - short, but they're intense.

He explained the practices are about 90 minutes to two hours and they get a lot of work done. He added the pace is fast and ultimately, it helps their bodies on the other side of things to recover and get ready for the next day.

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