(KPLC) - Now that federal buildings are open again, the question on entering one will go back to the "Real ID." More importantly for most of us, getting on an airplane to fly domestically will also depend on a federally recognized identification.

If you don't like the idea of the Real ID act, you will still be able to get on a plane if you have a passport. But you certainly wouldn't want to forget that at home and show up at the airport with only your driver's license.

In Louisiana, you can still get a driver's license that is not Real ID compliant, or one that is. If you are going to renew your license this year, you should know that you'll need some additional documents with you to get the Real ID version. That surprises a lot of people, and most of us don't want to make two trips to the DMV.

If you don't have an unexpired passport, you'll need a certified copy of your birth certificate - those take a while to get if you don't already have one.

The need to have a utility bill with your current residence listed seemed odd to me. Fortunately, we hadn't thrown ours away when I went for my license. You can get a full list of the documents required and what options you have on the internet, or drop by the DMV office for a list before you need to renew.

The current deadline to have a federally recognized ID for airplane travel is Oct. 1, 2020. With driver's licenses being issued for six years, I think considering the Real ID issue for your next renewal is fairly important.

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