Members of the Louisiana Delegation react to end of shutdown

Members of the Louisiana Delegation react to end of shutdown

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lawmakers, along with the hundreds of thousands of federal employees, are relieved to see an end to the stalemate.

Many have been calling the almost three-day government shutdown a "blame game".

In the Senate earlier this afternoon, a number of Democrats agreed to vote "yes" after some back and forth on the hill.

"This type of bi-partisan bickering is a disservice to the American people. While I am happy that my Democratic colleagues have finally agreed to stop taking the federal government hostage, I'm left wondering how we got there in the first place," said Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

A sentiment shared by fellow senator Bill Cassidy

"The shutdown never made sense. I'm glad after two days enough Senate Democrats agreed to end it. I think they realized taking health insurance away from nine million kids nationwide—122,000 of whom live in Louisiana—depriving the military of their funding, just because they weren't getting their way on DACA, was not defensible," said Cassidy.

Senator Cassidy explains the compromise funds the government through February 8, maintaining the National Flood Insurance Program and funding the Children's Health Insurance Program for six years.

"For my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to vote against a bill, within which, there was nothing they were opposed to, in order to make a political statement and be willing to shut down the government over that, I think that was out of line," said Representative Clay Higgins.

The bill comes after assurance from Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, that immigration will come to the floor.

"Chuck Schumer and the Democrats on the Senate side decided, for whatever reason, to make DACA the big hang up in the funding measure," said Representative Mike Johnson. "What we pointed out, is that there was great bipartisan effort being made and negotiations underway and have been for months now to resolve the docket issue. The deadline for that was not until March 5, so inserting it into the budget debate the funding debate was misplaced it reeked of pure politics."

Federal funding will only extend another three weeks.

Even though promises have been made on immigration, the debate isn't over yet.

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