Why should I consider IDD Therapy Treatment?

If you are like most back & neck pain sufferers, you know the frustration of finding good treatment choices. Most options involve high risk, significant downtime and not much more than 50% likelihood of relief. Complications from surgery can be severe and painkillers make it difficult to carry on daily activities.

IDD Therapy has an 86% - 94% success rate in the treatment of severe back & neck pain. It is a gentle, comfortable therapy that painlessly works to restore normal spinal function.

The cost of IDD Therapy is minimal when compared to surgery, epidural injections or other invasive therapies. In fact, the total cost of a full regimen of IDD Therapy will usually be less than the co-pay you will have to pay out-of-pocket to have back or neck surgery. Insurance, financing and payment options may be available to cover the cost.

For further information regarding IDD Therapy, contact the Calcasieu Spinal Care Clinic at 337-474-7700, or complete our Ask the Expert form on our main Expert page.