Road to Recovery seeks volunteer drivers for cancer patients

Road to Recovery seeks volunteer drivers for cancer patients
(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

SWEETLAKE, LA - Battling cancer is hard enough, then throw in the difficulty many patients face, actually getting to their treatments.

The American Cancer Society saw the need and created a program to find volunteers drivers to help those patients.

The trouble is there's only one volunteer in our area.

"For me it was just a really easy way to kind of help," said Angi Theriot.

Theriot drives a lot but all for a good reason.

"Mrs. Betty, she was definitely one of my favorites," said Theriot.

Mrs. Betty and others Theriot talks about have cancer, and they all need a ride to treatment.

"Sometimes they cry," she said. "They offer to pay."

She does it for free through the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery Program.

But Road to Recovery desperately needs volunteers, because for the last two years, Theriot has been the only driver in Southwest Louisiana.

"Nobody can figure out why it's so hard to get volunteers in this area," she said. "They seem to not have the problem in other cities.

Being the only volunteer, and living in Sweet Lake can be a challenge for Theriot, but her reasons to drive are much deeper than many know.

"My sister Francie... is the one that told me about the program," she said.

Theriot's sister joined the driving program after their mother's fight with cancer.

"She said one day you never know I might need it, and just two, three weeks ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer," she said.

With her sister now fighting cancer, Theriot knows she has to keep volunteering now more than ever.

"We don't ever know where we're going to end up and what we're going to need in our life, and hopefully if and when I need help from someone, someone will be there to help," she said.

If you are interested in being a volunteer driver or if you are a cancer patient that needs a ride, click HERE or call 1-800-227-2345.

American Cancer Society's communication's director Tracy Guara says they would like to have three more people volunteer in Southwest  Louisiana.

Guara says in 2016 there was a little over 24,000 Louisiana residents who learned they had cancer, and Road to Recovery provided 923 free rides across the state.

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