Vermilion Parish superintendent speaks following arrest of teacher

Vermilion Parish superintendent speaks following arrest of teacher
(Source: The Advertiser)

ABBEVILLE, LA (KPLC) - A video showing Monday night's arrest of a Louisiana school teacher has gained worldwide attention.

The Vermilion Parish School Board has received threats and there's a rally in support of the teacher planned for tomorrow.

"We started receiving direct and indirect threats." said Superintendent Jerome Puyau, "We had some, 'you're this and you're that,' personals to me. But then it turned to, our secretary is picking up the phone, and people saying, 'You are going to die! Everyone's going to die!"

Never before has Vermilion Parish and Abbeville been thrust into the national spotlight like this and Puyau admits no school district wants to be thrust into the national spotlight in a negative light.

"Just like in a courthouse the bailiff, if someone's out of hand, will escort the people out. " he said "The judge does not say please escort. They walk up and escort them out."

In an interview earlier he said that teacher Deyshia Hargrave wasn't arrested because of what she said - dealing with teacher pay or anything else. He says it happened because she was not following the rules.

Were her rights violated? Puyau says that will likely be decided in court.

He also says his three-year contract and $30,000 dollar pay raise are in effect. According to Puyau, the raise is well deserved after improvements in school performance.

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