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CONSIDER THIS: Martin Luther King Day

In my last editorial I commented that the Epiphany signaled the end of the holidays. And while that’s true for the Christmas season, there is a holiday which arrives in early January. Monday is a federal and state holiday for Martin Luther King Day, and it’s also a holiday for many companies including KPLC.

As part of this holiday KPLC will once again broadcast live the MLK Celebration event organized by KZWA radio from 9 to 10 a.m. this Friday. We invite you to join us for that program which includes our own Maranda Whittington as mistress of ceremonies.

In one of Dr. King’s famous speeches he said, “from every mountainside, let freedom ring.” When freedom includes you, me, and every American, it’s an idea I heartily celebrate. I love my country, and believe that freedom has made us great. Now defining that freedom, and which rules we like and don’t like, certainly provides us much room for disagreement. But hopefully this Monday and every other day, all Americans can celebrate the idea that freedom should ring, loud and true, for everyone, from every mountainside.

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