Maintaining cars in cold temperatures

Maintaining cars in cold temperatures
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Cold weather has affected Southwest Louisiana in the most shocking way this season.

Aaron Smart, owner of Smart Automotive, said there are three major things you want to look out for.

"One: Do you have the proper mixture of antifreeze in your vehicle and the proper amount? Two: Do you have the proper amount of air pressure in your tires? Three: You want to have your battery checked," said Smart.

Additional tips to get your car through these chilly temperatures:

  • Change your battery every three years as well as the spark plugs.
  • Keep the gas tank at half-filled, which can help prevent a fuel line freeze.

And if you ever experience a frosty windshield, Joel Lee of Pro Automotive has a tip.

"Take a gallon of water and pour it on the windshield, but it has to be cold water - because if you use hot water it will crack your windshield," said Lee.

Both mechanics stated that another major rule is to warm up your car before departure. For older cars, Lee said at least 10 minutes, and for newer cars, Smart said 30 seconds will do.

Or else you'll be visiting a mechanic sooner than you think.

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