LC residents struggle with pipes frozen, broken and still at risk of freezing

LC residents struggle with pipes frozen, broken and still at risk of freezing

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The house where we met one local plumber was eight feet off the ground, which meant even wrapped pipes were no match for the extremely cold temperatures.

Plumber Bobby Webre says there are multiple problems at the home on River Road in Lake Charles.

"He's got some busted pipes, it's still frozen up. I'm going to have to thaw it. He has a lot of exposed pipe in here and a lot of houses in Lake Charles do.  But this house is eight foot off the ground, so he does have a lot of exposed pipe," said Webre.

Webre says even wrapped pipes behind a wooden or brick wall can freeze if it gets cold enough.

He suggests those with houses on piers protect pipes. He says wrap pipes, block the wind and drip the pipes.

"I would go get some felt paper or wrap something around the house. I would run hot and cold pipes, run the outside faucets," he said.

Webre has another tip if your dryer vents below your floor.

"If your dryer vent goes through your floor and your house is off the ground, you could run your dryer and it will warm up the whole bottom side of your house," he said.

Russell Buckels is superintendent for the Lake Charles water division. He says even though many are dripping pipes, water pressure is holding.

"We have experienced some loss in pressure, but it's nothing that affects our operations at all," said Buckels.

"As the leaks that have happened are repaired, and customers stop running water because of the low temperatures, the pressure will starting easing back up," Buckels said.

He says the city may be able to help those whose water bill shows a big increase.

"If you have a leak you can get it repaired by a plumber and then if you do notice a higher bill, higher than average, say the next month, you can contact our business office and we do leak adjustments under certain circumstances."

He says the adjustment is based on one's average monthly bill for the previous 12 months.

For more details see below, from the business manager of the LC Water Division, Sheila Nunez:

"The City of Lake Charles can give a customer a leak adjustment once in any 12 month period.  The leak adjustment will adjust a portion of the two highest bills off of the customers billings. The adjustment will not be applied to the customer's account until their bills are back to normal.

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