Tips for keeping your Christmas plants after the holidays

(KPLC) - If you have Christmas plants left over after the holidays, you might be wondering if you can replant that poinsettia. Or can you keep that Christmas cactus?

LSU AgCenter horticulturalist Dan Gill says don't feel guilty about it, just throw away your poinsettia when it no longer looks attractive or when you get sick of it. Gill says your home growing conditions will not let you recreate a great poinsettia. Toss it out and just get a new one next year.

Christmas cactus, on the other hand, will continue to bloom year after year. Gill advises putting your cactus in a window, watering them regularly, and keeping them inside through the winter season. You can put them outside in the summer, but bring it back inside as the days get shorter and it begins to grow flower buds.

If you have any questions about your plants, contact the LSU AgCenter office in Lake Charles at 337-721-4080.

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