Westlake father receives Puppy Cam pup for Christmas

Westlake father receives Puppy Cam pup for Christmas
(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - For over a year now KPLC has been helping animals find a home through our Gill Bright Animal Hospital Puppy Cam on Facebook.

Recently a woman decided to adopt a dog she saw on puppy cam, and surprise her father with it for Christmas.

She never imagined her father's happiness would garner so much attention on social media.

"I opened the door and my first reaction was what is that," said Michael Lanham. "And then when I realized she had a big red bow on her then I was so shocked that they got me a dog for Christmas, and she was so happy to see me and I was so happy to see her and we fell in love immediately."

Jovie came into Michael Lanham's life all thanks to his wife and their daughter Samantha.

"My dad lost his dog about two years ago and so we decided, me and my mom, we decided that we were going to surprise him this Christmas and get him a new dog," said Samantha.

And through KPLC's puppy cam Samantha saw Jovie and knew this was the dog her dad needed.

"I just saw her and I was like immediate connection, and I was like this is the one mom," said Samantha. "This is the one we're getting. This one."

After getting Jovie and recording the surprise for dad, she put the video on Twitter and received over 71,000 likes and 23,000 shares.

Michael couldn't have been more excited.

"This might sound a little corny but I felt like a little boy you know receiving a puppy for Christmas," he said.

While Jovie will never take the place of Michael's first dog, the love the two already share is one his family was happy to help create.

"Please, please try the animal shelter," said Samantha. "It's so important to adopt don't shop, because these dogs need homes and we gave this one a home. She is the sweetest thing and I just stress it so hard and it's so important."

In the Christmas spirit, Michael decided to name his dog Jovie after a character in his favorite movie, Elf.

If you are interested in adopting you can reach out to these local animal shelters:

- The Humane Society of West Louisiana at 337-462-3321

- Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue at 337-309-2167

- The Friends of Calcasieu  Parish Animal Services & Adoption Center at 337-721-3730

- Hobo Hotel for Cats at 337-439-2428

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