Preparing your pipes for winter weather in SWLA

Preparing your pipes for winter weather in SWLA
(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Freezing temperatures are getting ready to hit Southwest Louisiana and many are getting prepared.

Stine Assistant Manager Brooks Bertrand has seen many customers coming in looking to gear up for the winter weather.

"It's always good that people are preparing," said Bertrand.

So much so that the store is completely out of materials to cover pipes for your home.

"This past week we have just been slammed with people coming in for pipe insulation as well as pipe covers," said Bertrand.

All that's left is sill plate insulation - not exactly what customers were looking for, but they are buying it up anyways.

As Southwest Louisiana gets ready for the freezing temperatures that are on their way, city officials from around Calcasieu Parish are urging residents to make sure they protect their pipes and faucets as well as bring in their pets and plants.

Bertrand advises those who already have pipe covers to make sure they are covered with duct tape and to leave their faucets cracked.

"By any chance that your water does freeze inside of those pipes it has some way to escape," he said.

And as Stine works to get things fully stocked in the coming days, Bertrand is just glad people are stocking up and taking things seriously.

"It's great to prepare," said Bertrand. 'I'd rather be over-prepared than under-prepared."

Bertrand says they will be bringing in an emergency shipment this Tuesday.

For those who live in Lake Charles, public work crews will be monitoring road conditions as temperatures drop. If you notice any areas that create a hazard due to the weather, or know anyone who needs a place to stay to escape the cold, you should contact the Lake Charles Police Department at 337-491-1311 for assistance.

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