LCFD: Tips to prevent toy battery fires

LCFD: Tips to prevent toy battery fires
Source: Christian Piekos

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - After a large fire scorched a Baton Rouge apartment complex on Christmas - a fire which officials said originated from a charging remote-controlled car battery - the Lake Charles Fire Department has tips to keep you and yours safe.

According to Lake Charles Fire Chief Keith Murray:

  • Never charge batteries on combustible surfaces
  • Never charge batteries overnight
  • Treat the charging batteries like a space heater or candle
  • Avoid using quick chargers (a device which speeds up the charging process, which can result in high heat)

Murray said LCFD rarely receives calls for fires spawning from battery charges, but, nonetheless, parents should take precautions and use common sense.

"They're relatively safe," said Murray. "There are so many millions of them out there and it's a very rare occurrence."

More importantly, Murray said keeping a close watch on where your young ones choose to charge these batteries is important for family safety.

"You have to put that [battery charger] in a safe place, where if it overheats, it's sitting on something that won't catch on fire," said Murray. "I bought my son a remote-controlled car for Christmas, too."

Murray noted if you're concerned about a battery your child is using, check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website to see if the toy was recalled.

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