Residents recall their best and worst Christmas gifts

Residents recall their best and worst Christmas gifts

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With Christmas right around the corner, many are hoping they get just what they want on their list.

But there's always some who end up getting a gift they just didn't want.

"The worst I've ever gotten...nothing at all," said Isaiah Clark.

It's that time of the year again.

"One year I got a gnome," said Emily Graham.

Where we have to ask: what's the worst Christmas gift you've ever received?

"My grandma bought me some super spoiled cookies," said Koltin LeBleu.

"A Christmas ornament," said Chance Joubert.

"Probably a pair of gloves," said Trey Ardoin. "You know it's Louisiana, it doesn't get that cold."

"A cheap bracelet that they bought from the dollar store," said Lexs Foster.

"My girlfriend...wrapped me a box of maxi pads," said Logan Mier.

"I did get a parakeet once," said Wendell Strauss.

"My aunt gave me a shirt that didn't even fit me, and it was so cheap," said Dariana Hernandez.

"I got a bun warmer for Christmas, and that had to have been one of the worst gifts I've ever gotten," said Richard Murphy. "Who needs a bun warmer?"

But where there's bad gifts there's also some good ones, too.

"G.I. Joes and He-Man, and stuff like that," said Jeremiah Ruffin. "I'm old school."

"That onesie that I got…that Jack Skellington onesie," said Mier. "That's my favorite."

"A basketball ticket to the Pelicans game," said Joubert.

"The best gift I've ever gotten was a 100 dollar bill," said Murphy. "Benjamin Franklin, you can't go wrong with Ben."

Some gifts had meaning behind them.

"The best Christmas gift I ever got was a surprise with my iPhone 7 because I'm very old-fashioned," said Johnathan Brown. "I prefer the little flip phones and all of a sudden I got this high-tech device."

"My own room," said Lamont Smith. "I just meditate in there...I stay to myself, that's it."

But sometimes the best gifts are the ones right in front of you.

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