Consider This: Goodbye, Vicki

Consider This: Goodbye, Vicki

(KPLC) - If you've watched KPLC for a while, you've seen quite a few familiar faces come and go, it's just part of our business and life in general. This month we are celebrating the retirement of a face you may not know, but has been instrumental to KPLC for decades.  Vicki Zimmerman LaFleur is hanging up her well-worn broadcast shoes this month.

In the 80's and early 90's, Vicki helped guide the newsroom as our assignments editor; she was a whirlwind of activity and workaholism! She went on to WAFB in Baton Rouge, which would become a sister station, and served as their news director before rising to the ranks of a regional news director for Raycom Media where she once again helped shape KPLC's news product. Vicki always knew where to find someone for a job opening, and great opportunities for people ready to move up. But where she excelled was in handling a big special event, from arranging political debates, to making sure we had everything we needed and every angle covered for hurricanes. For Vicki, there was no such thing as too many cameras, too many reporters, too many backup plans, too much technology, and she fought hard for all of it.

But beyond work, Vicki has also been a good friend to many in our business and in our station. I am proud to be one of those friends. She once gave me a great gift that I'd like to pass on to you. In struggling with a problem, I asked Vicki, "What do you do when you have a problem so big you can't live with it, but the only possible solution is actually worse than the problem?" Without even a pause she said, "Oh, you just wait until a solution presents itself, that you can't see right now." It was perfect advice, from a perfect friend.

Thank you Vicki, for everything.

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