TEEN REPORT: Are you getting enough sleep?

TEEN REPORT: Are you getting enough sleep?

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Before the alarm goes off, how many hours of sleep are teens getting at night?

Ryley Cole says, "Four or five."

Taylor Mora says, "About five."

Angelica Arroyo says, "About seven."

Quinn Turner says, "I get about a good eight hours."

Eight to 9 hours, that's how much sleep doctors recommend teens get.

But only 20 percent of teens are getting enough sleep.

Sulphur Senior Taylor Mora is among the 80% of teens who don't get enough sleep.

Taylor says, "I'm never fully in situations. It's kind of hard for me to complete my work when I just want to take a nap."

Loss of sleep, from a short-term standpoint, can negatively affect teen's concentration, memory and learning. But its long-term effects are even more drastic.

Sleep specialist Dr. Phillip Conner says, "Probably the biggest thing we see is emotional problems. We'll see increases in anxiety, increases in depression; things that can really make the connection that it's driven by sleep problems,"

Teen Reporter Olivia Boudreaux: If you are having trouble falling asleep, doctor Conner recommends not using electronics within an hour before going to bed, not drinking caffeine, or not exercising within four hours of lying down.

This report was contributed by Olivia Boudreaux, KPLC/ LCB Academy teen reporter.

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