SWLA Airman honored at Thunder game, coming home for holidays

SWLA Airman honored at Thunder game, coming home for holidays

(KPLC) - A Johnson Bayou native and U.S. Air Force Sr. Airman is getting to come home this Christmas.

Dustin Badon has been stationed at an Air Force base in Oklahoma but this Christmas he will be back home in Louisiana thanks to a program that provides financial assistance to active duty military to travel from their military base to home during the holidays.

He found out at halftime of the Oklahoma Thunder's game against  Denver Monday night.

Badon thought he was going to be honored at halftime for his service in Kurdistan, Kuwait and Hurricane Harvey, Oklahoma station KFOR reported.

The ride home will allow his grandparents to see his young daughter.

"Any extra day or anything like that has a huge impact in her life and in my grandparents' life as well."

He said serving after Hurricane Harvey was special to him because "we've been affected in my life when I was younger so I felt like I needed to go and do my part on that and help out."

The program is called "Operation Ride Home" and is sponsored by the Armed Services YMCA and the Jack Daniels Distillery. The ASYMCA and Jack Daniels work to provide plane tickets, pre-paid debit cards, gas, lodging, and food. Operation Ride Home is open to active duty E-4 and below, single or married, and will assist men and women from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

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