Washington-Marion's 100 community leaders for 100 scholars

Washington-Marion's 100 community leaders for 100 scholars

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Saturday was a nostalgic moment for many at Washington-Marion High School.

The event, 100 for 100, pairs 100 community leaders with 100 student scholars at Washington-Marion, all part of an effort to bring awareness to academic progression in the school's learning environment.

Danielle Chretien-Lambert is the mastermind behind the program. She said it wasn't easy getting 100 people to come on a Saturday morning, but realized this is beneficial for both students and leaders.

"The ultimate goal is for the community leader and the scholar to make a connection," said Chretien. "It's not them just mentoring them about life, it's actually the teacher teaching a lesson."

Chretien said learning has changed, and she wanted today's leaders to get a grasp of what today's students go through, and change the perception the school may have.

"We wanted them to come into our school and learn firsthand exactly what we do here at our school," said Chretien. "Because for whatever reason people label our school as if when they come here they may not get the best education, and none of that is true."

And for some leaders, even if things seemed to be harder this time around, it was a labor of love for the students.

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