Tips for combating viruses during the winter

Tips for combating viruses during the winter

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If many of your co-workers weren't in the office recently, it's no coincidence. Many of us in Southwest Louisiana have fallen victim to a number of viruses floating around.

"This time of year, it's all upper respiratory infections and viral infections," said Dr. Jason Burklow of the Imperial Health Urgent Care Center. "You see some flu, some strep throat."

Though our first instinct might be to rush to medications when we have a virus, Burklow said medicine does not help all that much.

"Antibiotics really don't fix the common cold," said Burklow. "There's no silver bullet, so to say."

So, what's your best offense for fighting a virus?

"Lots of rest helps you clear any viral infection," said Burklow. "It'll help your body's immune system fight the infection."

If you've dodged the virus so far, knock on wood.

"Stay healthy and get some sleep," said Burklow. "Viruses don't discriminate on who they get."

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