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Sports Person of the Week - Pearse Migl

(Source: KPLC) (Source: KPLC)
(Source: KPLC) (Source: KPLC)

“I don’t really remember, the whole time I don’t remember,” Pearse Migl said.

A magical season for the Welsh Greyhounds, but a not so magical ending of Pearse Migl’s senior season. He went down in the dome with a concussion. Even from the sidelines, he knew his team would bring the bone home.

“All my confidence was in them,” Migl said. “It’s not about anyone. There’s no I in team and when I went down I knew anyone could fill my spot.”

The tight end was a huge asset in the Greyhound’s success this season. He finished with 44 catches for over 450 yards. Although he couldn’t play for the second half of the 2A state title game, he’s still thankful that he even got the opportunity to make it to that point.

“To know how many legends that have played on that field before you, to know that the crowd and team has your back, it’s the best feeling that I’ve known so far.”

Even with the frustration of having a concussion, Migl stays positive. He believes everything will play out the way it’s meant to. his teammates will always have his back and for that, he remains thankful.

“They love me, I love them. They said they couldn’t make it without me and I think they could of, Migl added. “If they believe in themselves they would of and they did. I told them it’s all in God’s plan. He did this for a reason and its y’alls turn now.”

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