FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Remember that time we had snow last Friday?

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Remember that time we had snow last Friday?

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Remember that time it snowed last Friday? Wasn't that the best?

Schools were closed, the ground was covered in snow, and snowmen and angels appeared in places they never had before.

Do you remember on Dec. 8 - the 'Blizzard of Southwest Louisiana,' or 'Sneaux Day,' or whatever moniker you chose to give to that beautiful day - waking up to a snow white-covered landscape? It was glorious, but for school children so, too, was the fact that a Snow Day was declared.

That meant many a Louisiana child - who likely had only seen a few flurries or dreamt about snow - built their first snowman, took part in snowball fights and laid on the cold ground to make a snow angel.

Let's be honest - it was a magical day for adults, too.

A certain KPLC employee called family members at 4 a.m. Parents woke their children up in the dark of night so that they, too, could see the unlikeliest of sights - snow blanketing the Louisiana ground.

It led to great photographs, like this one taken by photographer Maggie Gregory that took off on Facebook.

In the end, Lake Charles officially received 2.1 inches of snow, making us feel like we understood the plight of the poor Alaskans who received 15 inches of snow in 90 minutes. We did not.

Rather than melt away, the snow - and the snowmen - stayed around one more day before finally succumbing to the Louisiana sun.

It was a day Southwest Louisiana won't soon forget.

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