Victims who used Western Union to wire money to scammers may be eligible for refunds

Victims who used Western Union to wire money to scammers may be eligible for refunds

(KPLC) - For years, people who lost money in scams have had almost no chance of recovering their funds. But now, there's an exception for those who used Western Union to wire money to a scammer.

The scammers constantly revise the scam to prey on naive consumers and convince them to wire money. whether it's an advance fee loan scam or one saying they've won a sweepstakes. They've tricked countless consumers into wiring money.  Those who used western union  to send the money now have a chance for a refund.

Carmen million is president of the SWLA Better Business Bureau.

"We don't know how much they knew, how much they questioned what their responsibility was for these victims.  And of course the Federal Trade Commission apparently felt like they should be held liable.  And if they had not filed a claim against Western Union, these consumers would never see a penny of their money," she said.

In order to file a claim, consumers who lost money should go onto the FTC web site and follow the instructions.  Million suggests companies  train their employees to be alert to customers who may be falling victim for a scam:

"Especially if it's a client you're familiar with coming in, and they're asking to wire money or buy a green dot money card, or something that is unusual and they're going to be sending it out of the country, there's nothing wrong with asking them questions and then giving them some information.  And course it's always best if a customer would just post warnings so their customers can see that," said Million.

Million says employees are always welcome to suggest a customer contact the BBB before engaging in what sounds like a scam.

For links to the Federal Trade Commission and how to file for a refund click here.

Again, the deadline is Feb. 12, 2018.

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