Family claims $191 million jackpot sold in Eunice

Family claims $191 million jackpot sold in Eunice

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - A $191.1 million Louisiana Powerball jackpot ticket sold in October in Eunice has been claimed.

A three-member family group - 292 Family Partnership - opted for a lump sum of $119.5 million. After state and federal taxes, the take-home is $83.6 million.

Their attorney Jean C. Breaux Jr. claimed the prize on behalf of the family members, whose names have not been released.

"We are absolutely elated that we won," the family said in a statement. "We are a quiet family and prefer not to be treated as celebrities. As for our plans, we like to travel and will continue to do that -- may even upgrade a bit! For those that say you'll never win, well never was on October 25th!"

The payout is the largest single prize in the Louisiana Lottery's 26-year history, according to the Louisiana Lottery. The winning numbers for the Oct. 25 drawing were 18-22-29-54-57 and the Powerball was 8.

Breaux said his clients play the Lottery regularly, keeping copies of their Powerball tickets.

A family member had the winning ticket with him when he went to work offshore. He initially checked the Oct. 25 numbers against a photo of an old ticket he had on his phone. It wasn't until he spoke with family that he realized he had the correct ticket.

The family members had a long-standing agreement to share the money should they win.

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