Local youth make the most of snow day

Local youth make the most of snow day

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you're a kid, there's just nothing like a snow day! Local children and teens made the most of the opportunity for snow play, a rare opportunity in Southwest Louisiana.

As those from areas like the Midwest will tell you, there's nothing like an unexpected snowfall and school cancellation to make it a great day, if you happen to be a kid.

A dozen or more teens from St. Louis High were slipping and sliding in the schoolyard and playing soccer.

"We woke up this morning pretty early to see that it was all snowing at 5:30 and everybody was like, 'Let's go to St. Louis and play some soccer!' And we all decided it was going to be pretty difficult and dressed really warm - just classic fun!" said student Rosie Miller.

Even if it is harder to see the white soccer ball.

Nic Migues wanted to win points with the coach.

"We don't usually get many off days in the season so we're just trying to make the most of it. I don't think ED White or Barbe or anybody's out here practicing on a snowy day. We're just trying to get better," he said.

All over the area children and teens seized the chance to enjoy it while it lasts.

"I love it. I've been playing all day in the snow with my little brother. We had snowball fights, so I'm just enjoying the snow because it might never happen again," said teen Leo Huber.

Since snow is such a rare treat here, it made for an exciting day.

"I woke up and my mom was like, 'Hey, it's snowing Will.' So, I ran to my cousin's house which is across the street from this guy's. And we've been playing in the snow. I got nailed right here by a snowball," said Will Tanup.

There were lots of hard-fought snowball fights.

"I think I won the snowball fight," said Audrey Lang after battling it out with her sister.

It was the perfect kind of snow to create lots of snow men. And make snow angels and...who ever heard of snow wrestling?

Well, it could all be found in the streets and sidewalks and parks of Lake Charles as youth made the most of it all before the fun stuff melts away...

"It's kind of sad that it's going away already. But it could come back," said Audrey.

And as the young ones head home, at least they have the memories of one great snow day.

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