WELSH IN THE DOME: Welsh prepares for 2A state title game

WELSH IN THE DOME: Welsh prepares for 2A state title game

The time is almost here.

Welsh put the finishing touches on the game plan today after completing walkthroughs both at the Superdome and the team hotel. All that's left to do for the Hounds, is to match up with St. Helena. All of Southwest Louisiana stands behind them.

"Everybody's back in us," Zach Hayes said. "We got half of Southwest Louisiana coming to watch us and support us and I can't be prouder to say that. To represent the southwest Louisiana area is just very humbling and to know that the team in the community is just behind us is just exciting."

The Hounds focus centers around slowing down Hawks quarterback Ricky Travis. With the injury to Alex Hurst, the 3-star prospect now is the focal point of this offense.

"Their quarterback is very versatile, we've been practicing all week keying in on him," Josh Pickle added. "He likes to scream a lot he's a very athletic quarterback."

"He's got offers from Louisiana Tech, ULM, UL, Grambling<" John Richardson said. "He's a really good athlete, he scrambles well. He runs really well we're going to have to do a job at containing the quarterback and make him stay in the pocket and not scramble around and make big plays."

Of course on the Welsh sideline, the Hounds feel as though they have the quarterback to match. Zach Hayes has conversely been on St. Helena's radar after totaling over 3,000 yards and 35 touchdowns this season.

"Defensively, we're talking about slowing down Welsh's quarterback," Brandon Brown stated. "The kid is a phenomenal athlete, he does a great job throwing the football. Also he makes a lot of plays with his legs, he's their heart and soul. I think if we can try and slow him down some then will have success on defense."

"I think it's going to come down to who's the better team and I feel like we are the better team," Dylan Hughes said. "We got Zach Hayes."

With decades of alumni behind them, the Greyhounds will enter Friday's title game confident to do what's never been done at Welsh, win a state title.

"Everyone feels like they're part of this in right now and technically so because this didn't start with us," John Richardson said. "It started years ago with teams they came through here and we're just trying to continue what we started a long time ago but Coach wall and his group of players."

Speaking of Coach Walls, he reached out to Coach Richardson this week to congratulate him on the dome appearance and let him know that in 1989 and 1992, they left the bone in the dome. Coach Walls asked this team to find it and bring it back home. Welsh gets a chance to do that in the 2A title at noon.

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