WELSH IN THE DOME: Greyhounds step on the carpet for the first time in 25 years

(Source: KPLC)
(Source: KPLC)

There was definitely no stiffness in the Welsh Greyhounds as they practiced in the dome this morning. The Hounds took their time to soak up the atmosphere.

"I think all of us, even the coaches were taking some pictures out here on the field," head coach John Richardson said. "They're probably laughing at us, the ones that of been here 10 times, but it's our first time being here it's big for everyone involved."

"I was just in awe," Dylan Hughes added. "It's just crazy looking up at these lights."

"It's hard to take it all in at once," Josh Pickle said. "It didn't feel real the whole week that we were even coming here, but once we stepped onto the field it was like wow, we're really here. "

But the challenge for first-time teams is to not let the moment get too big. Focus is a buzz word this week for the Hounds.

"It's really easy to lose focus when you're on stage like this," Josh Pickle added. "We know as players there's a bigger opportunity out here just to have fun. We just have to stay focused and try to go get it."

This Welsh teams seems to be keyed in on the target at hand. A big factor in the desire of the Hounds comes from the fact that many players on this team has family connected to Welsh's 1989 and 1992 dome appearances. 

"My dad played and 92 and he didn't get the chance to bring home the trophy," Zach Hayes said. "So, if I can that back to my dad and my family. I think he's happier than I am to play here. So, to make him proud is the biggest thing I can do for him. "

"My uncle played here 92 and just to have him behind my back, it's awesome," Dylan Hughes said.

"In 89 and 92 they came in they lost they got runner-up each year and everybody keeps telling us go take it home. Go do what we couldn't do," Josh Pickle stated. "It's a lot of motivation for us. It really drives us to want to go get that ring even more."

"History in the making right now. I just love it," Dylan Hughes said.

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