Lake Charles veteran to attend service for Korean War MIA

Lake Charles veteran to attend service for Korean War MIA

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - An Army veteran of the 35th Infantry division in Vietnam, Raymond Maylen didn't just sit back in his rocking chair when he retired from the Lake Charles Fire Department. He joined the Calcasieu Sheriff's Department and currently works at the parish courthouse. His volunteer job is a liaison for World War 2 and Korean War veterans.

"My job is actually to contact and keep in touch with the members of the World War II and Korea veterans," said Maylen. "To do the computer work for them, paperwork, to help mainly their in laws find their medals and data on them."

On top of the paperwork, Maylen says sometimes fellow veterans just need companionship.

"They're up in age. They're in their 90s. They call me just to talk. First off, they don't have loved ones. They're usually by themselves, their wives have died. It's just to talk. It's just to have somebody to talk to. I'll talk to them 45 minutes to an hour just to talk."

Maylen will take part in a memorial service next week for Sgt. Kermit LeJeune, who was a member of the 25th Infantry and died in the Korean War. He was reported missing in action, until his body was recently identified.

"It's a big breakthrough. They've been missing now for 50 something years from the Korean War. Now they're actually getting their family back home. Before they never knew. They were just missing in action."

Maylen will be representing the Army at the memorial, which will be held at St. Edward Catholic Church in Richard, Thursday, December 14 at 11:00 a.m.

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